Shell Rock Soy Processing Promotes Value-Added Ag in Iowa

Shell Rock Soy Processing (SRSP), LLC, is a new soybean-crushing plant that will be built at the Butler Logistics Park northwest of Shell Rock, pending state and local approvals. It’s a game changer that will propel value-added agriculture forward in Iowa. 

For more details, click here to our SRSP press release. 

Mid-Iowa Cooperative is the founder of SRSP, which is a positioned to extract all the value possible from locally-grown soybeans. When operational in 2022, this plant will crush 38.5 million bushels of soybeans annually, or 110,000 bushels daily. This plant will supply both food and fuel needs. SRSP will be able to unload trucks quickly, saving farmers and truckers a great deal of time when they deliver soybeans to the plant.

While this region is known for world-class agriculture, there’s a huge weakness in the current system. The average age of a soybean-crushing plant in the region today is 42 years. The service farmers receive from many of these antiquated plants is unacceptable, with waits as long as 3 to 6 hours. When you add up all the time and money wasted due to these antiquated processing plants, it totals roughly $6.5 million. 

Mid-Iowa knows there has to be a better way. SRSP is a great fit for this area and will create positive economic opportunities for decades to come.

The Butler Logistics Park offers convenient access to local highways and the Iowa Northern Railway. The shortline Iowa Northern Railway helps connect Iowa agricultural communities direct to the North American transportation network. Other businesses already located in the Butler Logistics Park include the Flint Hills Resources ethanol plant and TrinityRail Maintenance. 

As SRSP creates value-added marketing opportunities closer to home, it will bring this region into the center of the global ag economy, with the potential to tap into the export markets. 

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