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April Feed Tip

Apr 08, 2021

Purina Animal Nutrition has done an 18-month study on more that 1,700 pigs documenting weights from wean to finish. End-of-nursery weights are the strongest predictor of finishing weights and is an important predictor of lifetime pig performance. Purina Nutrition found that for every 1-lb increase on day 32 post-weaning weights, showed an increase of 2.1 lbs. on finishing weights. Strong starts leads to a strong finish. In a study that was conducted by Pollmann, pigs that gained more then 0.25lbs. per day in the first week post-weaning reached target markets weight 15 days sooner then those who did not gain weight the first week post-weaning.

Another important reason to feed intake is the integrity support of intestinal lining. If a pig stops eating, the gut linings begin to break down and pathogens can cross the gut barrier causing inflammation or illness. When pigs enter the nursery and start eating right away and keep eating, they are on the right path to optimal gut integrity and development.

If you get your pigs started off right and you continue to provide a quality feed program designed to meet a pigs changing needs at each production phase, your pigs will perform at their best potential.

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