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February Feed Tip

Feb 03, 2021

Feed accounts for 60 to 70% of your cost for pork production. If a feeder is not adjusted properly causing to much feed to spill out and be wasted it is bringing down the overall performance and efficiency of your building. It not only increases feed costs it also adds more waste to your pit which means more manure. If the feeders are closed to tightly feed intake will slow down which will reduce your growth rate and fighting may occur. Optimal feed intake and minimal feed wastage are important when feeders are adjusted properly.
Here are some steps to ensure proper feeder settings to help reduce waste and improve growth.
  1. Make sure feeders are cleaned out and washed of any old feed.
  2. Completely close the feeder adjustment before adding any feed
  3. Once the feed is added adjust the feeders just enough for feed to flow out
  4. Shake the feeder to assure feed flow
  5. You want your feed opening set so about 1/3 of the feed or pellets cover the pan
  6. Make sure you routinely check the feed gate openings for any dislodging or caked on feed
  7. Observe the feeders daily
    1. If you see a lot of feed on the ground or the pigs are working to hard to get feed out the feeders, you will need to adjust your settings.
If you follow these steps you should see great performance from your hog barns!

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