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Rebuild Project 10/9

Oct 09, 2020

We hope that everyone is having a great fall. It sounds like bean harvest should be wrapping up within the next week or so and corn harvest has started for some producers.

Since most of this past week there has been a significant amount of wind, the millwright’s have been working at night to keep the projects moving along as planned. With that being said, here is what has happened at our locations since the last report has come out.

Midway -  Bin 6 at Midway is completely erected and has been tied into the conveyor system. The wet bin has started to be filled. Bin 2 is completely erected and will be tied into the conveyor system over the weekend. Bin 5 has started to be built, they have the roof on, and 3 rings started. Bin 1 will start going up Saturday 10-10. The catwalk structure for Bin 2 was set Friday morning with the conveyor system to start being installed over the weekend also. Once Bin 1 is up the rest of the catwalk and conveyor system will be installed. The catwalk and tower supports have been installed for bunker. The plan is to have the conveyors installed along with the bunker walls going in within the next week. The millwright’s goal is to have Midway completed in three weeks!

Green Mountain – The dents have been pulled out on Bin 23 and the new sheets have been installed. Bin 24 has had the dent pulled out and the new sheets and wind rings will be installed within a week. The new chief bin, Bin 8 has had the roof installed with the first three rings installed. The jacking on Bin 8 will start over the weekend.

Gladbrook – The grain clean-up at Gladbrook is now complete. There is still some demo to be done on some of the bins at Gladbrook. There is also still room at Gladbrook on the west end to take beans.

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