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Purina's Summer Season Mineral

Jun 04, 2020

Summer Mineral For Cow
               With the summer heat upon us you want to make sure that your herd is staying healthy. With Purina’s Summer Season Mineral, you can do just that! The mineral has a blend of nutrients to help promote digestion, gut health, and energy utilization. These added nutrients will assist in combating the environmental stress during the summer heat. The cows will maintain better consumption and productivity.
               There are many benefits to using the Summer 6 mineral in your herd. The wind and rain mineral contains all 14 of the essential products your cows will need. The mineral includes the right amount of trace mineral and vitamins to help combat immune function during high heat summer days. The psychological changes that can happen during heat stress will affect digestive performance and immune response. The larger particle size of the mineral is weather-resistant there is a reduction in water absorption, and you will have less mineral blowing out of the feeder. If you have any questions, please give the Mid-Iowa Feed Team a call at 641-366-3504

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