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Purina Horse Feed

Jul 17, 2020

Mid-Iowa has been working hard to build their feed brand. To tackle this challenge, we have teamed up with Purina Feeds. Some of our best customers are the customers who raise horses. We wanted to share with everyone some of our more popular Purina horse feeds.

Purina’s Strategy Healthy Edge horse feed offers a great nutritional edge. With this feed, you will notice your horse performing at its best and will look amazing! The Healthy Edge feed is easy for a horse to digest and hard for them to resist. The combination of high-quality pellets and extruded Amplify high-fat nuggets will generate a balanced nutrition for your horse.

The high-fat nugget has a blend of vegetable oils, flax seeds, and rice bran; with this type of blend you will see unbelievable performance, along with a nice shine and bloom.  The protein from the Healthy Edge packs a good amount of amino acids to support muscle tone and overall performance. It also contains multiple fiber sources that provides a slow-releasing fuel for sustained performance. You will not have any gastric problems with your horse. With Healthy Edges Outlast supplement included, you will see great support with gastric balance.

Another very popular horse feed product is Purina’s Strategy GX. This product supports multiple horse lifestyles. The Strategy GX has been perfected over time. It packs a powerful punch of the right protein, vitamins, and minerals to meet the need of all the horses in your barn. Whether your horses are in different stages of breeding or development, the Strategy GX is the feed for you!

With the correct balance of protein sources and amino acids this profile supports foal development, milk production, muscle growth, and you will see a high level of performance from your horse. You will also see healthier looking haircoats with the added fats and balanced nutrients. With Strategy GX feed blend you will save money on expensive supplements and time-consuming mixing. You will also notice a reduction in waste and better stability during storage.

Both the Healthy Edge and Strategy GX feeds have been tested repeatedly for proven results! If you have any question please give a member of Mid-Iowa’s Feed Team a call at 641-366-3504.

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