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High Octane with ClariFly

Jul 24, 2020

Do you struggle with keeping flies off your livestock once the weather starts to heat up? There is nothing more annoying than flies swirling around your head and biting. Purina’s High-Octane Fly Control Supplement with ClariFly will help reduce your fly issue. The High-Octane works with cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs. It is a feed-through supplement that will pass through the animals’ digestive system and into the manure where flies lay their eggs. The ClafiFly will prevent flies from developing and emerging from the manure, ultimately disrupting the fly’s life cycle.
With the ClariFly already in the mineral you do not need to go buy more fly control products to prevent flies. It also has a low feeding rate so even a small intake of the High-Octane will greatly reduce the fly reproduction process.
If you want to keep the buzz out of your barn call a member of Mid-Iowa’s Feed Team at 641-366-3504 to learn more about Purina’s High-Octane with ClariFly

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