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Grain Storage Enhancement

Oct 08, 2020

Mid-Iowa Plans to Rebuild, Enhance Grain Storage

While the August 10 derecho damaged or destroyed millions of bushels of grain capacity at Mid-Iowa Cooperative (MIC), the co-op moved fast and has continued to take grain during harvest, all while rebuilding key grain facilities.

“As we figure out the best way to move forward, one key question always guides us,” said Mike Kinley, CEO. “’How can we best serve the farmer?’ That’s why we’re developing plans to expand grain infrastructure in our trade territory.”

MIC managers began working with millwright companies on the evening of August 10 to develop plans to rebuild sites like the Midway grain complex. Current plans within MIC’s grain division are focused on:
  • Rebuilding Midway back to original storage capacity and modernizing our ground pile there, adding 800,000 bushels of capacity.
  • Adding a 1.2-million-bushel, center-fill system at the Liscomb location. This expansion will also include its own grain-dump pit.
Mid-Iowa assesses other options
Going forward, MIC’s directors are:
  • Reviewing what needs to be done with the Gladbrook and Whitten locations
  • Looking at adding additional grain storage at Beaman
  • Reviewing options for increasing grain-receiving speed at Green Mountain
  • Assessing options for increasing grain-handling speed and grain storage capacity at Haverhill, Cedar Falls and Jesup
“Mid-Iowa is a progressive cooperative, and we’ll continue to look for the best solutions to take care of the farmers we serve,” Kinley said. 

Throughout the cooperative, Mid-Iowa moved fast after the derecho to continue receiving farmers’ grain. By early October, some of the new bins were nearing completion at Midway. Good weather conditions this fall have contributed to the fast pace of progress on MIC’s construction projects.

“We’re excited to expand and modernize MIC’s grain handling and storage capacity to serve you effectively,” Kinley said. “We're your partner in ag, and we’re in this together.”

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