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2020 Annual Meeting

Nov 25, 2020

Mid-Iowa Cooperative is hosting their annual meeting Wednesday December 2nd at 1:30 pm.  The meeting will be at the Beaman Memorial Hall in Beaman, IA.  Due to COVID-19, we are only able to have 15 people attend the meeting in person.  If you want to attend the meeting in person, we require masks, plus everyone be 6’ socially distanced.  With our preference to be virtual, we have set up a call-in number with a special pin # for those who want to participate in the meeting, but not attend in person. We strongly recommend everyone to use the call-in feature.
The call-in number is (872) 240-3311. The Pin number is 301830869.  When you call in, we ask that you put your phone on mute so there is no background noise.  When it comes time for questions, you can take your phone off mute, ask your question, then return your phone to mute.
Click here to view the 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes. 

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