farmer of tomorrow interview

Farmer of Tomorrow form

We'd love to highlight the future of the agriculture industry through the Farmer of Tomorrow Interview. Have a parent or guardian help fill out the form for a chance to be featured on Mid Iowa Cooperative's Social Media!
Please have a parent or guardian fill out  the rest of the form
As parent or guardian, I agree to let Mid Iowa Cooperative display the answers given in the above form for a special Farmer of Tomorrow social media post. :
Please provide your contact info so we can contact you regarding when we will honor your little farmer on our social media!

About the Interview

  • With the information provided we will do a write about your child and post it on Mid-Iowa's Facebook Page. 
  • We ask that a parent or legal gaurdian help fill out the form.
  • We will contact you by email or text to let you know that your childs post will going live before we post it.