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There are few clear-cut decisions when you’re a crop farmer. That’s why there’s nothing like having trusted partners you can count on, like Mid-Iowa’s agronomists and seed specialists.

Our agronomy team takes pride in developing long-lasting, impactful, sustainable relationships with local growers who work the most productive soil on earth. We evaluate the latest products, technology, services and seed genetics to bring the right solutions to you in today’s fast-paced agronomy world.

Count on us to provide honest, reliable recommendations that can boost your profit potential. By understanding that success is more closely tied to our relationships than tons, gallons or acres, Mid Iowa Cooperative is able to provide honest recommendations that will make our producers stronger and more profitable.

Industry Partners

Partnered Seed Brands


Custom Services

  • Anhydrous application

  • Seed treatment

  • Farm delivery of seed and crop protection products

  • Application of dry and liquid fertilizer

  • Post-emerge crop protection products applied with self-propelled row-crop sprayers

  • Deep banding, Sidedressing wiht dry fertilizer

  • Farm delivery of seed and crop protection products

  • NH3 Toolbar, side-dress, and dry buggy rental

  • Aerial application contracting of chemical, fertilizer and seed

Precision Agriculture

Mid-Iowa Cooperative strives to be on the forefront of the latest technology offerings in the industry. We partner with companies like WinField United and the Climate Coorperation to bring you in-season insights that will push your farm to the next level. We offer:

  • Custom variable-rate application of anhydrous ammonia, lime and dry fertilizer

  • Technological expertise, including the precision ag R7® Tool by WinField and data-driven tools from the Climate Corporation

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Agronomy News

    Looking to 2020: Updates on the 2019 Answer Plot Program
    Looking to 2020: Updates on the 2019 Answer Plot Program
    Feb 14, 2019 | Answer Plot
    Winter is a busy time for our Answer Plot® teams we plan, count and package trials to for the spring. Each year the Answer Plot program challenge is to anticipate the potential for crop success. We do this as part of our own quality assurance efforts and to help you...
    Plan For This Season’s Biggest Challenges and Opportunities
    Plan For This Season’s Biggest Challenges and Opportunities
    Feb 13, 2019 | Answer Plot
    If there’s one thing farmers can agree on, it’s that managing a farm isn’t easy. It can be hard to process all the information coming at you. You want to make the most profitable decisions, but who has the time to become an expert on every product and...
    Bringing Innovation to Your Farm
    Bringing Innovation to Your Farm
    Feb 12, 2019 | Answer Plot
    Not all WinField United research takes place through the Answer Plot® program. We also find solutions to agronomic challenges in the lab. And we combine the data we collect in-field with the discoveries made by our scientists to create products that help you optimize the...
    Use Variable-Rate Practices to Optimize Input Efficiency
    Use Variable-Rate Practices to Optimize Input Efficiency
    Feb 11, 2019 | Answer Tech
    Time is money. And in today’s ag economy, you can’t afford to waste either one.   Variable-rate planting and applications can help you allocate your in-field investments more precisely and place seed and other inputs where they will perform optimally. Here...
    Complementary Tools Add Value
    Complementary Tools Add Value
    Feb 08, 2019 | Answer Tech
    Have you heard about the ag tech tool that does everything from selecting seed to applying  herbicide to fetching you a cold beverage and grilling your steak just the way you like it? All right, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. But we’ve all heard the &ldquo...
    Validate Your Seed and Seed Treatment Choices
    Validate Your Seed and Seed Treatment Choices
    Feb 06, 2019 | Answer Plot
    How do you know which seed and seed treatments will offer you the best chances for success? By basing your selections on solid data.   Your local agronomist can help you navigate the data for your region and field characteristics. Here is are some things to look for and...

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