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August Feed Team Tip of the Month

Aug 01, 2020

As producers are starting to get a better idea on how their hay is performing this summer, now is a good time to start considering getting some forage samples taken. Getting an analysis of the protein and energy content can help to remove some of the mystery concerning your hay digestibility. Forage quality and digestibility have direct impacts on animal performance perimeters such as average daily gain, milk production, and reproduction. The importance of taking samples allows you to get a better idea on a supplemental program such as minerals, protein tubs, and other energy supplements. Taking hay inventory now gives you a better idea on how to be able to stretch forages out through the winter months. Getting a forage sample is as simple as contacting a Mid Iowa Feed Department Representative to set up a time to come pull some samples with our hay probe. We will then send the samples into a lab to get analyzed and then will contact you to go over the results as soon as we receive them.

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Aug 01, 2020
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