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July Feed Team Tip of the Month

Jul 01, 2020

With County Fair season (in whatever fashion the fairs decide to operate) just around the corner, it is time to begin making the final adjustments to your projects to have them looking the best on show day!  As we get into warmer weather, it is crucial to ensure that for all species of livestock have access to plenty of fresh, clean, cool water at all times.  Having a good source of water to hydrate your animals is crucial to maximizing the performance of your project.  Along with hydration, putting together a game plan for how you will manage and feed your project for the next few weeks is crucial for success in the ring.  Cattle should be weighed and evaluated at least 45-60 days from weigh in, and hogs and lambs should be weighed and evaluated 30 days prior to weigh in.  This time frame gives you, as a producer, plenty of time to track gains, predict what weight your animal will be at for fair, and make adjustments to feeding plans in order to achieve the desired outcome.  We at Mid Iowa Coop are here to help with any questions concerning what feeds and supplements you should be using to have your animals looking their best on show day.  Contact one of the Mid Iowa Cooperative Feed Specialists today for help with your custom feeding plan!

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Jul 01, 2020
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