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September Feed Team Tip of the Month

Sep 02, 2020

Feeder cattle in barn happily hanging out


  • Cleaning fans after each round of animals can increase efficiency. Dirt and dust build-up on a fan, shutters, hoods and inlets can reduce the airflow by 10%. Be careful when washing your fans, not every fan is designed to be cleaned. Shock hazards do exist with all motors. It is always a good idea to run a fan after washing it to dry out the motor and prevent corrosion.
  • Several times a year it may be a good idea to check under the eve inlets into the barn. Dirt can collect on screens and reduce the total air flow, most of the time this can be cleaned with a broom.
  • Newly constructed buildings many times have insulation in the inlets that should be cleaned out to ensure proper ventilation.
  • Controls are water resistant, but not waterproof. Use care when cleaning rooms not to get too much water near them. Stand back with the power washer. Some of them could cut concrete and the controller will not take that. Sealing control boxes and conduits help keep moisture and corrosive gases out of the control which helps to extend their life.
    Keep these tips in mind as we move into September and some cooler nights. These nights are always a challenge to ventilate your barn and not chill your pigs. If you are one of your growers would like another set of eyes to look at your barn contact a Mid Iowa Feed Department Representative and we can set up a time for your walk-threw.

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Sep 02, 2020
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