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Weekly Rebuild Update

Aug 28, 2020

Grain Location
Hello Everyone, with Fall approaching fast Mid-Iowa wanted to give an update on grain location rebuilds. Everything is on track and the crews are making great progress!

Midway – The grain vac crew was able to empty the rest of the beans out of bin three and the demolition crew was able to remove bin three from the cement pad and has also removed bins one and two from their cement pads. The repair work has started on bin one’s cement pad. They also have the reclaim up and running so they will be able to start emptying the last full bean bin a lot faster. The first new bin is still on track to be delivered September 8th. Once the new bin is on sight the mill rights will have it up in fourteen days. We have a total of six new bins at Midway

Green Mountain – The worst damaged bin at Green Mountain will be taken down and a new one will be built back. The new bin for Green Mountain should be on site on September 20th, with construction starting soon after. The other two bins that had smaller dents will be pulled out the middle of September.

Gladbrook – The East end of our Gladbrook location is a complete loss. The west end bins will be emptied for fall. We will be taking beans at Gladbrook this fall for the west end only.

Haverhill – The two bins at Haverhill that were damaged have been taken down and removed. Haverhill is back operating business as normal.

Liscomb – The Liscomb location is operating as planned.
We plan to keep everyone updated on a bi-weekly basis. Stay tuned on Mid-Iowa’s website and Facebook page for more updates.
Thank You

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