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Storm Damage Update

Sep 14, 2020

We are a little over a month into our rebuilds since the Derecho storm came through on August 10th.  The clean up crews and rebuild crews have made great strides in keeping the projects moving along.

Midway – At Midway they have started construction on bin 3. They are almost done with the bin roof on bin 3 and should start jacking the bin sometime on Tuesday (9/15). Bin 6 has had the old concrete cut out by Iowa Wall, and Webb concrete has re-poured what was taken out. They have started to drill out where the new bin anchors will go. Bin 6 and bin 7 will be delivered this week. All the remaining bins have been removed from their pads. Mid-States Millwrights replaced the bad trunking on the west receiving leg. Mid-States also replaced 20’ of the bad reclaim trough between the leg tower and bin 3. The drag conveyor was delivered Thursday (9/10) for the bunker. Midway is down to 100,000 bushels of corn in bin 4. As soon as they are done sweeping bin 4 they will be ready to take beans.

Green Mountain – At Green Mountain bin 8 was taken down on Thursday (9/10). We should have the new bin on site on Monday (9/21).

Gladbrook - At Gladbrook they are still in the process of cleaning up old grain. They are moving right along though and will be ready to take beans soon.

All other locations that were hit are up and running. If you have any questions about where you can take grain, please call the Marketing Office 641-366-2740.

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