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Purina Stress Tub

Aug 29, 2020

Stress Tub
The Purina Stress Tub is a great product when your herd is in high stress situations. The Stress Tub is recommended for a lot of different situations such as pre-weaning, receiving, hospital pens, breeding season, and 60 days prior to calving.

The Stress Tub is highly palatable molasses-based supplement that the cattle will love! It has all the key nutrients needed for a fully functioning immune system. The Stress Tub helps the cattle prepare for stressful situations or recover from stress faster. One tub will feed 20 head you may want to have two tubs per pen or pasture to ensure adequate intake by younger more timid animals.

Take the stress out of your herd with Purina’s Stress Tub! Call Mid-Iowa’s Feed Team at 641-366-3504 to see how they can help take the stress off of your farm!

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