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Impact Horse Stretcher

Aug 18, 2020

Horse Stretcher
Do you struggle with keeping your hay consistent? Do not let your horse struggle with nutrient deficiency, keep them on the right track with Purina’s Impact Horse Stretcher! The Impact Hay Stretcher is a premium forage replacement. It has a high-quality roughage built in to help stretch or replace either your hay supply or keep them on pasture a little longer. The Impact Hay Stretcher is highly digestible and naturally palatable, it supports bone strength and immune function. Feeding one pound of Impact Hay Stretcher can replace 1 to 2 pounds of hay.

Call a Mid-Iowa Feed Team member at 641-366-3504 to find out more about Purina’s Impact Hay Stretcher and how it can keep your horse in top condition when the forages are lacking!

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