Fueling Your Power Base

Mid-Iowa Cooperative’s energy department is your one-stop source for a variety of energy management solutions.

Energy can be one of the most vital, yet volatile, inputs impacting your bottom line. Our Energy Department prides itself in neing up-to-date with the latest offerings available in the industry. It is our goal to make your operation keep moving forward and provide uncomparable services.

Refined fuels

Count on Mid-Iowa to supply the best premium fuels on the market, all at competitive prices. Not only will your equipment’s performance improve, but so will your operation’s bottom line.    

Our refined fuels products and services include:

  • Delivery truck with experienced, dependable driver

  • Refined fuel tanks and equipment

  • Bulk and packaged oil

  • Bulk and packaged diesel exhaust fluid (DEF)

  • Bulk oil systems

24-hour cardtrols

  • Convenient locations in Beaman, Gladbrook, Liscomb and Green Mountain

  • No annual card fees

  • Mid-Iowa accounts available for charging

Liquid Propane (LP)

We’re committed to keeping each of our LP gas users safe, from farms to homes to businesses. We keep up-to-date safety records to ensure leak and regulator checks are scheduled. It is our mission to provide your with the safest, most reliable LP services possible.

Mid-Iowa’s liquid propane services include:

  • Contracting options: price protection, standard deposits and cash prepay

  • Scheduled deliveries or will-call deliveries

  • Keep-full programs

  • Propane tanks and equipment

  • Full LP service work

Meet Mid-Iowa's Energy Team

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